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Kitschy, irreverent, creative—we’ve been called a lot of things, but F-U-N is how we like to describe ourselves. Let’s face it, there’s enough sobering reality on the evening news, but sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Where’s the levity?” Well, it’s right here at Fun-o-matics!


A San Francisco, CA-based design boutique, we conceptualize and design graphics embellishing everything from T-shirts to stationery to coffee mugs. Each time we design a new collection, we explores new graphic, colorful, and iconic themes. Finding inspiration every thing everywhere means we’re always on the lookout for new ideas to bring to you.

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Fun-o-matics: More fun than should be allowed by law.

​Roberta Morris
Founder and Designer at Fun-o-matics


“Roberta’s done it all. She’s like the Swiss army knife of designers!”


An Art Director by trade with many years of professional graphic design experience, Roberta is the creative force behind Fun-o-matics. She conceptualizes and designs the whole enchilada—creating graphics that embellish a variety of products—creating fun, iconic brands.


Roberta has extensive experience in conceptualization, design, packaging, branding, and creating promotional materials for a variety of products and companies. By extension she brings this expertise to everything she does at Fun-o-matics. Influenced by her graphic design, her style tends to be graphic, colorful, and iconic—with themes that vary concept-to-concept, for optimal freshness! 


When she’s not designing something, she’s pursuing other interests such as painting and collage, crochet, science, reading, writing, world travel and cats.

Photo by Gretchen LeMaistre